Tools For Success: Hiring Your First Employee

This Lunch and Learn event is aimed at new or soon-to-be employers. Principal Attorney Jennifer Ward will arm you with tools for success. She will discuss employment law issues every employer should be aware of and give you tips for avoiding common legal pitfalls.

Please note that this presentation is being offered for educational purposes only. Ms. Ward will not give legal advice on your specific situation, but she may provide a general overview of the law in response to questions. An attorney-client relationship will not be created at this event. Attendees who have additional questions should contact an attorney to assist them.

Vocabulary Words Every Lawyer Should Know

On Monday, March 5, 2019 Ms. Ward will be a panelist for a CLE hosted by the Travis County Women Lawyers’ Association. The panel, moderated by Sarah Glaser, will include local attorneys specializing in the areas of employment law, criminal law, and general practice. Ms. Ward will define some of the terms she feels are essential to employment lawyers and offer tips and suggestions associated with those terms.

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Legal Considerations in Hiring and Onboarding

On November 14, 2018 Ms. Ward will give a presentation at the Monthly meeting of the Austin Human Resource Management Association intended to provide a legal perspective to the hiring process. Ms. Ward will touch on up to date hiring practices, the use of social media, reminders on background checks, and how to set the right tone for a harassment-free work environment during onboarding.


Workplace Investigations Gone Wrong

Why do workplace investigations go bad?  How can management attorneys keep an investigation on track. And how can plaintiff’s attorneys exploit a poorly planned investigation?

On November 7, 2018 experienced workplace investigators and attorneys Jennifer D. Ward and Natalie Lynch will walk us through a workplace investigation gone comically wrong. Topics will be framed by interactions with a (purely hypothetical) incompetent manager and  will include:

  • Who should conduct the investigation

  • When to bring in a third-party investigator

  • What happens when HR and management are too intertwined

  • Managing attempts to control an investigation

  • Client management (and identifying the client).

This CLE will assist in our understanding of the investigatory process, common pitfalls encountered in investigations and how to hire and manage outside investigators.


The Basics of Employer/ Employee Rights and Liabilities

On January 23, 2018 Ms. Ward spoke at the offices of Industrious Austin. Industrious Austin is an exciting co-working space in the heart of downtown Austin. In this presentation Ms. Ward addressed the basics of employer-employee rights and liabilities, a presentation which aimed to inform those who are growing a business and possibly hiring their first employees.


Texas Self Storage Association Social Media in the Workplace Presentation

On October 19, 2017 Principal Attorney Jennifer Ward give a presentation on social media in the workplace at the Texas Self Storage Association's annual conference. In this presentation Ms. Ward explored both the benefits social media use can yield, as well as common pitfalls to be wary of. 

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Travis County #StrongerTogether Check Presentation

At Artfest 2017 the Austin Bar/AYLA Leadership Academy raised almost $16,000 to support local causes. Click here to see a video of Attorney Ward and other members of the Artfest board present Travis County #StrongerTogether with a check. This check went towards further supporting their work in public safety, victim support, and specialty court programs like the Travis County Veterans Court, and Family Drug Treatment Court/Parenting in Recovery.



Ms. Ward was chairperson of the 2017 Artfest.  ArtFest was an evening filled with local artists and musicians, as well as local dining vendors, put on by the 2017 Austin Bar/AYLA Leadership Academy, a select group of community-minded Austin lawyers working in concert with the Austin Bar Foundation. Proceeds from this years’ ArtFest went toward benefitting two local organizations doing important work in Austin: The Arc of the Capital Area and Travis County Stronger Together. 

Ms. Ward was interviewed by the Houston Public Media regarding a Whistleblower lawsuit with claims arising under the Texas Whistleblower Act, Texas common law, and the First and Fourteenth Amendments. Click here to listen to her interview and read the related article.

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Protect Your Rights- Know the Law

Ms. Ward was a key presenter in the Protect Your Rights- Know the Law event given at Westbank Library. She gave an informative presentation entitled "Business Law: Starting and Operating a Small Business" in which she covered such topics as employee rights and asset protection.