Protect Your Rights-Know the Law

Westbank Library, 1309 Westbank Drive, Austin

March 5, 2016

Come listen to these informative presentations on four keys areas of the law. Learn about your legal rights so you can protect your family and grow your business. Each presentation will start with a brief overview of the area of law and then take general questions from the audience. These presentations are offered for educational purposes only.


2:00 p.m.  -  Business Law: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Presenter: Jennifer D. Ward, Law Office of Jennifer D. Ward, PLLC

     Starting a small business and asset protection – what are your legal options?

     The basics of employer/employee rights and liabilities

     Employment documents from handbooks to non-competes to severance agreements – when to use them and what’s enforceable?

     Key events that typically require legal counsel

     Audience questions

Ms. Ward is a business owner herself.  She provides employment law and general counsel services to small businesses, non-profits, and individuals in the Austin area.  She and her family visit the Westbank Library regularly.


2:30 p.m.         Estate Planning: Wills, Powers of Appointments and other important documents

Presenter: Joseph Gagen, Attorney at Law

     Why a Will is important for you to have and what happens if you do not have one.

     What assets are not distributed by your Will and why you need to know

     Preserving your voice: planning for illness or incapacity

     Estate taxes and income taxes: basic information you need to know

     Audience questions

Mr. Gagen’s law practice focuses on estate planning and counseling as well the probating of estates. He and his family have resided in the Westbank area for 25 years.


3:00 p.m.         Fact and Fiction in Family Law: Divorce, Children, Community and Separate Property

Presenter: Gregory Hitt, Attorney and Mediator

     Premarital and post-marital agreements

     Mediation and Collaboration in family law matters

     Audience questions

Mr. Hitt represents clients in divorce and custody cases, premarital agreement negotiation, and other family law matters. His wife is a teacher at Forest Trail Elementary.


3:30 p.m.         Criminal Law: Romeo, Juliet and It's Legal in Colorado (Good Kids, Foolish Choices)

Presenter: Claire Carter, Attorney at Law

     How criminal laws affect kids and young adults

     What to do if your child gets arrested

     How to keep youthful indiscretions from ruining one’s plans for the future

     Audience questions

Ms. Carter draws on her extensive experience in juvenile, criminal and school law to advise families on how to manage the enormous consequences that the state imposes on kids when they screw up.  She lives in Westlake with her own three children and knows whereof she speaks.


Our presenters have four separate law practices.  They do not belong to the same law firm and are not otherwise affiliated with each other.  The Protect Your Rights – Know the Law presentations are offered for educational purposes only. No presenter will give legal advice on your specific situation, but he or she may provide a general overview of the law in response to questions. The creation of an attorney-client relationship has special meaning and protections within the law. An attorney-client relationship will not be created in any of these presentations. Attendees who have additional questions should contact an attorney to assist them.